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Pastor Rolston joined us in December 2008 from the heart of the Midwest.† Pastor Rolston is the son of a Baptist minister.† It was always his desire to serve the Lord wherever the Lord would lead (and what a varied journey itís been)!† Brian and Becky met in college where Becky was studying to be a teacher and Brian to be a youth pastor.† They married in 1995 and have two children (Elizabeth and Joshua).†††

The road to Alaska for the Rolston family is a classic story of Godís direction in the lives of His people.†† Brian served as a youth pastor in Waterloo, Iowa and in Highland, Indiana prior to moving to Alaska.† You see, over the years, Pastor Rolston brought up three youth groups to serve the Lord here at Peters Creek.† This familiarity and the relationships built over the years eventually led Brian and Becky Rolston to serve the Lord here in Alaska with the people of Peters Creek.

Pastor Rolston was ordained here at the church according to the Baptist tradition in May 2009.† Pastor loves the great outdoors, sports, reading and learning about Alaska!† He doesnít drink coffee but would love to spend time eating ice-cream or just chatting with you!

Seeking and Serving the Savior...

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